•International Punjabi Seminar held at Canada on 31-7-2016

•International Punjabi Seminar held at Canada on 31-7-2016

•International Punjabi Seminar held at Canada on 31-7-2016

Aims and Objectives
• To provide an international forum for the Punjabi speaking people of the world .
• To promote Punjabi culture and mutual understanding for social harmony and progress through exchange of ideas and artifacts.
• The World Punjabi Centre promotes activities related to the fields of Punjabi language and literature, popular sports and traditions of music, dance, arts, social institutions and economic developments.
• To promote peaceful and international relations for the welfare of the Punjabi people in various countries.
• To work on the principles of cooperation and coordination for people from the two Punjab's and rest of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent and the Punjabi communities.
• To have Fellows in residence for interaction with other scholars and individuals known for their expertise.
• To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, lectures; and also coordinate research for pursuing the objects of the centre.
• To work in cooperation with other institutions which have similar aims and
• To undertake publication for the dissemination of knowledge created through programmes of the centre and for propagating its activities.
• To create adequate structures for pursuing the objectives of the centre.
• To establish a library with at least three major wings:
   (a) books and periodicals
   (b) manuscripts,
   (c) documentation in the form of Photostats, Xeroxes, films, documentaries, C.Ds.
audio visuals, microfilms etc.
• To set up and maintain a museum, a theatre, Auditorium for Seminars and accommodation for the scholars.
• To constitute committees or sub-committees to carry out the objectives of the Centre.

The World Punjabi Centre apart from the Executive Council is governed by the governing Council headed by the Chief Minister


  • Office: Punjabi University, Patiala (Near Enquiry Centre, Main Gate)
  • ਦਫਤਰ : ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਯੂਨੀਵਰਸਿਟੀ, ਪਟਿਆਲਾ (ਨੇੜੇ ਪੁੱਛਗਿਛ ਕੇਂਦਰ, ਮੇਨ ਗੇਟ)
  • Phone: (O)0175-304-6519, (O)0175-228-0380
  • E-mail:


    • Residence: 34, Urban Estate Phase-I, Patiala-147002
    • Mobile: +91 93163-01328, 97816-27355
    • E-mail: